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The one thing that every accountant is taught is that land is never depreciated, it always appreciates. As a result, land is one of the best commodities (if you could call it that) to invest your money in. That is why the real estate markets are seen as such a favorable market for investments. However, it is not easy to find the perfect real estate to invest in every time.

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That is why colinbarnett is operating in Australia with the sole purpose of providing you the very best real estate to invest in. We operate with the motive of connecting the best sellers and the buyers to offer them the most amazing deals so everyone finds what they want.

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Among the services that we offer, the most important is to ensure that we connect the buyers and sellers of a property. However, in doing so, we take special care of the fact that every real estate we deal in is approved by our inspection unit.

If it is not, we do not engage potential buyers unless we improve the property ourselves or find seller to improve it. On the other hand, our specialty also lies in the area of real estate consultancy.

We deal with a varied customer base that looks to buy and sell real estate for a number of various purposes that include investments, business, residence, commercial and so on. we consult each customer based on their specific need and find the perfect match in consideration with market conditions and trends.

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Getting Started in Real Estate Investing

Getting started in real estate investing can be a little intimidating at first, but there are a number of ways to make it easier. You can start by using a property investment company that provides the guidance you need.

Transparency and communication

Creating a culture of transparency is a good idea for your business. It’s a good way to build trust with your clients and customers. Getting them to trust you will translate to customer loyalty which will translate to better business performance. A good way to do this is to create a culture of transparency that focuses on your strengths.

The most important aspect of the culture of transparency is to create a clear communication channel between you and your clients. This will allow you to offer a high level of service and efficiency to your customers. It also saves you time that can be used for better servicing them.

Creating a culture of transparency will also help you improve your product and service offerings. A good way to go about this is to implement a customer feedback system. This will allow you to gauge your customers’ needs and make appropriate recommendations. The feedback system also allows you to test out new features, upgrades and improvements to ensure your products and services deliver a quality experience.

The most important function of transparency is to make your clients aware of the products and services you offer. This will also allow them to be more informed about the pricing of these offerings. It also helps you attract new customers and retain your current ones.

Low-risk investment options

Investing in low-risk investments is a good way to diversify your portfolio, create an emergency fund, or prepare for retirement. They offer a better level of safety and predictability, although they are not likely to provide large financial returns.

Low-risk investments are available in many different forms. Some common types include bonds, CDs, money market accounts, and certificates of deposit. There are many more options, though, so it’s important to choose the right ones for your needs.

In recent years, CD rates have risen, but these safe investment options still pay more than a savings account. They are also an excellent way to protect your savings from inflation. Some options, like no-penalty CDs, allow you to withdraw your funds without penalty.

Preferred stocks are also a good low-risk investment option. These stocks allow investors to earn interest from private companies while reducing their risk. The main downside is that they don’t provide the same level of capital appreciation as regular stocks.

Municipal bonds are another good option. They are backed by the municipality or local authority, which reduces your risk. They come in two different forms, but they are both tax-free.

The interest is also exempt from most state taxes. The downside is that you risk losing part of your initial investment if you withdraw your money early.

Easy way to learn about real estate investing

Investing in real estate is a great way to diversify your portfolio. It is also a good way to earn a decent income. But there are many things you should know before you start investing. The best way to learn about real estate investing is to do your own research. There are many resources available to help you with your education.

Investing in luxury homes by Brookhaven Homes involves different costs and risks. You can invest in residential and commercial properties. Depending on your risk appetite and financial situation, you can choose the right type of investment for you.

Benefits of Being a Carpenter

  • Craftsmen see the aftereffects of your work
  • You can make things for your own
  • You can supply your loved ones with extravagant furnishings
  • Craftsmen can fix numerous things at home
  • Woodworkers are alluring to most ladies
  • You can begin your own craftsman organization
  • Customary working hours
  • Craftsmen ordinarily don’t show up on Saturday or Sunday
  • Great balance between serious and fun activities
  • Fair professional stability
  • Craftsmen can work in a wide range of fields
  • You can bring in extra cash on ends of the week
  • Craftsmen don’t need to sit in an office the entire day
  • You can chip away at various tasks
  • Low boundaries to passage

Craftsmen see the aftereffects of your work

One significant benefit of being a craftsman is that you will really see the consequences of your work consistently.

For example, on the off chance that you make an entryway or a window for a client, you will see the final product following half a month or even days.

Therefore, you have sort of an objective to pursue.

Truth be told, it tends to be very fulfilling seeing your rewards for so much hard work and when your client is exceptionally content with the final product, it will be far and away superior.

In any case, in numerous different positions, you don’t see the outcome of your work.

For example, assuming that you work in an office, you will frequently make introductions that are just utilized for a solitary event and won’t be utilized over the long haul.

In addition, you will frequently likewise not have substantial outcomes in most office occupations.

Subsequently, worker fulfillment is many times somewhat low in those sorts of positions since individuals need to see their rewards for all the hard work to remain roused and to see a reason in the thing they are doing.

Subsequently, by turning into a woodworker, you won’t have this issue since you will get results rather rapidly while monetary regulators and numerous others frequently battle to remain persuaded over the long haul.

You can make things for your own

As a craftsman, you could not just make pleasant things for clients, you at any point can likewise make tables, seats and numerous different things for your confidential purposes.

As a matter of fact, many craftsmen don’t buy furniture from the store, however they simply make everything without anyone else.

By making their own furnishings, they should rest assured about the quality and that the things they make keep going for a seriously lengthy timespan.

Subsequently, on the off chance that you love making your own stuff and don’t have any desire to depend on traditional furniture from the store, being a woodworker can likewise help you out in such a manner.

You can supply your loved ones with extravagant furnishings

One more advantage of being a woodworker is that you can likewise make furniture for your loved ones.

Uniquely designed furniture from woodworkers is much of the time very costly and many individuals are simply not ready to bear the cost of it.

Notwithstanding, for your loved ones, you can make a truly fair cost for them since you will actually want to purchase materials less expensive than the typical individual and you can likewise value your functioning hours at a fair rate.

In this manner, you can supply your companions with extravagant furnishings and you will thus have an elevated status among your loved ones since they will be truly thankful for how you are doing them.

Woodworkers can fix numerous things at home

Craftsmen might not just produce extravagant furnishings at any point, they are typically likewise ready to fix numerous different things at home.

Since woodworkers acquire numerous specialized abilities during their vocations, they can frequently effectively fix broken spigots or other minor things.

Improve your craftsmanship by getting a cpc40120 – certificate iv in building and construction.

What Are the Different Types of Curtains Available in Sydney?

Curtains can be used to enhance the look and feel of a room. The colour scheme and function of the room will determine the type of curtain that will best suit it. For instance, a bedroom may require room-darkening curtains, while a kitchen might benefit from sheer panels. There are also single panel styles, which cover an entire window, French door, or glass slider. Check out some of the different types of curtains that you can choose from depending on the room you will have them in as well as your specific requirements and desires. These curtains are available for your beautiful Sydney home.

Panel pair curtains

Panel pair curtains are made up of two separate panels, which cover the two sides of a window. You can choose to hang them side-by-side, or separate them with furniture. Either way, you’ll have two different types of curtains, with two different purposes. Single-panel curtains are ideal for modern rooms, and double-panel curtains are great for classic-style rooms.

Panel pair curtains are hung on either side of a window, and are tied back at the top, creating a symmetrical look. They’re commonly used on top of other window treatments. Panel pair curtains are typically accompanied by a valance, an optional window decoration. While valances aren’t necessary for every window, they can make for a stunning window treatment.

Panel pair curtains are available in a variety of styles and colours. Some are straight across, while others are hung with one side hanging lower. You can also purchase curtain liners to help control the amount of light and privacy that you want. Some are also available with noise cancellation and temperature regulation capabilities. They also work as blackout curtains. Another option is semi-opaque curtains, which are made from fabric blends that allow some light to pass through.

Eyelet curtains

Curtains with eyelets have deep folds that make them a classic choice for your living room. These curtains can be made of light or medium-weight fabrics, such as ultra-light voile or medium-weight brocade. They can also be made of neutral colours. This will ensure that they match your current interior design, while still remaining easy to maintain.

There are many styles of eyelet curtains available, from classic to modern. These curtains have an uncomplicated look and are easy to hang. They are especially great for children’s rooms, as they need minimal maintenance. Another benefit of eyelet curtains is their durability, as they require much less material than their taped counterparts.

Another characteristic of eyelet curtains is that they are adjustable and can be customised. Rings and other hardware can be added to the curtain to create a unique look. Some eyelet curtains are decorated with printed or embossed designs, while others have an artistic appeal.

Blackout curtains

Blackout curtains are designed to keep out light and noise. They do this by using thicker material that absorbs light waves. They also reduce the amount of light entering a room. Most blackout curtains are made of dark-colored material that faces the window. Some also have a liner that further dampens light.

They are usually installed the same way as regular curtains. They should be extended a few inches beyond the window frame. They can also be installed with a wraparound rod to make sure most light is blocked. Black out curtains have many benefits including but not limited to the following: They block out heat, they block out noise, they block sun rays, and they block out light.

If you want to look for curtains Sydney, go to reliable manufacturers.

Things to keep in mind when purchasing land for sale in Bundaberg

If you are on the Lookout for land for sale in Bundaberg, buying the right piece of land can be a good investment. In order to ensure that the whole transaction process is as smooth as possible there are several things that you need to keep in mind.

Tips for buying land

  • The first thing that you need to do when buying land is to do your due diligence. You have got to make sure that the property you are buying is free from liens. You can get help from a lawyer in order to take a look at the title of the property and the deed. Once you know that there is no problem in the property that you are buying then you can make a fair offer for it.
  • If you are about to buy a vacant of land it is important that you commission a new survey for it. One reason to hire your own surveyor is to ensure that the survey is as reliable as possible. It is important that the buyer is named as the party on the server certificate so that future boundary disputes or issues can be resolved without problems.
  • If you are buying land In a Metro area which is densely populated you might find it difficult to find land which is being sold as stand alone. In most suburbs you can make a great investment by taking a look at some of the rundown properties which can be totally demolished so that you can build a new property on to it. If you are lucky you might find a home less than the value of the land on which the property has been built.
  • It is important that you do proper research before you buy land. You need to have all the information that you research written down in one place. You need to consider the zoning in the area that you are planning to buy. If you are thinking about selling the land later on you might think like a future investor. You might want to think whether the property is good for commercial or retail use or whether it is a strictly residential area. You might want to take a look at the amenities for the Roadways around the block of land that you are buying. Usually the facilities around the land can have a major impact on its future resale value.
  • Keep in mind that if you’re thinking about reselling it might take years for your land to be sold again. Until and unless you are buying the land in a  hot real estate area then only you can expected to be sold within a year or two. However it can take around 10 to 20 years to actually see a positive shift in the market which would prompt you to sell the property. These are the first things that you should consider if you are planning to buy the land as an investment.

If you want to buy land and build a house, turn to one of the most trusted names in the industry: JRZ Home Builders Bundaberg.

Why is investing in residential sparkling water tap important?

While you might be pondering on the increasing popularity of residential sparkling water tap, it possesses some advantages as well. The following are merely some of the reasons why you ought to invest on a sparkling water tap at your house: Apart from drinking soda from bottled water, you could switch to sparkling water or carbonated ones. Carbonated ones are refreshing and relaxed, while sparkling ones are a bit fizzy and refresh your mood. The same is true for carbonated fizzy drinks. One bottle of carbonated drink has about four to five times the quantity of sparkling drink.

Importantly, you need a filtered sparkling water tap because you want to remove any pollutants that might be present in it. To ensure that your filter system remains effective, you need to keep checking on its performance. Although many products promise to filter your tap water and make it sparkling, many of them fail to give satisfactory results.

Finding the best residential sparkling water tap

The best quality filter for drinking sparkling water tap is the one that is installed inside your house. This type can eliminate the majority of contaminants in it. If you are anxious about the safety of your family, then this is the best choice. It can remove harmful substances such as lead, other metals, and bacteria from your drinking supply.

One other reason why carbonated water taps are excellent is that they produce the most sparkling water possible. When you are drinking it, the carbon bubbles add to its fuzziness. Therefore, you are getting more enjoyment out of each glass of it. Carbonated water taps also use the least amount of electricity, and they don’t have any harmful by-products. Thus, they are very economical to run.

Other advantages

Aside from the benefits given by carbonated drinks, another advantage they give is cleanliness. As mentioned earlier, this type of filtration tap can remove contaminants from your drinking water system. However, its most outstanding feature is that it reduces the chances of ingesting traces of toxic metals such as lead from drinking water. These substances are usually found in drinking water systems made from plastic bottles. However, these can easily be removed by using a carbonated drinking water filtration tap.

Even carbonated soft drinks can help you improve your health. For instance, researchers at Cleveland State University have proven that drinking filtered water has many positive effects on our health. Among them, we can say that filtered water is beneficial for weight loss. Carbonated soft drinks are rich in calories which help people reduce their caloric intake. Moreover, the CO2 in these kinds of beverages makes people feel less hungry because they are efficiently filtering toxins from the body.

Unlike the reverse osmosis water systems, they do not need too much space. They are also more convenient to use. If you want a high-quality product at a low price, then carbon block water filters are your best options.

However, there are disadvantages, as well. One problem is that they can only provide a certain degree of sparkling. Another is that these systems usually get damaged when exposed to too much heat and pressure. Furthermore, because they are so simple to install, they are more likely to be broken or damaged during everyday use. Finally, they are less efficient than other kinds of residential sparkling water taps as compared to chillers.

Air Conditioning Installation in Your Home

Summers in Australia can be long and hot. The only thing that can help you is to keep your home comfortable and cool. It would be best if you considered your options for air conditioning installation in your home, and there are various types of air conditioning systems you can have installed. It all depends on which is best for you and which will best keep your home cool during the summer months,

1. Ducted air conditioning

Even though ducted air conditioning can cost you more to install, there are certain things to take into consideration. A ducted air conditioning system cools off rooms more efficiently and faster. These systems maintain a more consistent temperature so that there are no sudden cool spots. Ducted air conditioning is quiet, and the fans are located away from the rooms. These systems are known to disperse the cool air better through a room using multiple vents. You’ll find that there is no concentration of air blowing directly on you. They can be more energy efficient by cooling several rooms at one time with the use of one compressor. The vents are directly mounted into the ceiling space.

2. Split system air conditioning

Many people prefer a wall mounted split system air conditioning units because they are a great cost-effective choice. People find the split air conditioning system to be economical and more to their budgets. The split system units are energy- efficient and do not make much noise. You can adjust the settings for the unit with a remote that you can hold in your hands. The split system units give you a choice of having a wall controller that is wired or as an additional option a Wi-Fi card.with which you can control your air conditioning unit from a smartphone. There are time settings on the remote, and it can turn your air conditioning unit on or off as required.  The installation is known as a back to back is the least costly and is installed on or against an exterior wall. All the connections are run through the wall and right into the outdoor unit, located directly below the indoor unit.

3. Multi-split air conditioning systems

One outdoor cooling unit with multiple fan units inside is used for a multi-split air conditioning system. It distributes cool air all through your house. The multi-head unit includes multiple units indoors and one outdoor unit. These units can be configured and combined in various ways. The choice is entirely yours. The bedroom can have a unit mounted on the wall, and your living room could have a duct unit. The most common combinations are to have up to five units connected, but other options allow for as many connected units as you require. They’re all quiet, clean, and most importantly, energy-efficient. You can get the indoor units installed in various locations depending on where you need cooling the most. The systems have a controller so you can choose the right temperature for each room, Multi-split air conditioning units with multiple units indoors are attached to a single outdoor unit. Depending on your budget, keep in mind that these units are very efficient, but installation costs can be higher.

The choice for air conditioning installation in your home is entirely up to you, and before you make your final decision, you can check with the best air conditioning installers on the Gold Coast and get price quotes. Make sure that the guys you choose can also schedule regular air conditioning servicing to maintain your unit.

Information on Real Estate in Hervey Bay

Hervey Bay is among the right areas to purchase an estate. Estates for lease include numerous partners that cooperate to ensure a home for the purchaser. The key partners that structure a vital piece of the whole cycle’s prosperity are the real estate agents. They are worried about planning the entire means of exchange. They haggle with expected purchasers for the proprietors of the estates. Here is a portion of the excellent characteristics that a real estate agent must-have for a superior encounter.

Elements affecting the selling of real estates

A few elements will influence the way toward selling estates. Here is a portion of the ordinary ones:

The accessibility of civilities – it likewise relies upon the additional comforts accessible in the estate. For instance, a grill area’s accessibility or a rollout shade will, in general, draw in more customers. It likewise assists with boosting the estimation of the estate being sold.

The estate’s area – most customers will, above all else, think about the region of the estate. A few customers favour homes that are near fundamental foundations like streets, clinics, and others. In the examination, others want to purchase estates on the edges of the town.

The estate’s expense – on the off chance that you exaggerate your homes, it gets hard for the real estate agents to discover customers ready to execute. Be that as it may, customers will be pulled in and contend with buying the estate if you give a reasonable value.

Estates available to be purchased exist nearly in all aspects of Hervey Bay. There is additionally the choice to lease an estate for whatever length of time that your cash covers. Indeed, without a doubt, you can’t miss getting an ideal spot that alleviates your family.

Qualities of a real estate agent

Being a real estate agent for estates discounted isn’t a simple take and requires a few characteristics to ensure winning clients for your managers. Next is a portion of the individual attributes that can improve a real estate agent situated to speak to their proprietors in an estate’s matters.

They ought to have legitimate arrangement abilities – you should be as connecting with as conceivable to succeed. You should rapidly assess your customer’s practices and acknowledge how to move toward them with your offer best.

They should focus on subtleties – you should be worried about all the variables that impact your selling. It very well may be monetary, social, or political components. Comprehend who your rivals are, what method of promoting they use, and the best procedure you will utilise to outmaneuver their mission.

Likewise, it is ideal if you make a system of associations – having a solid plan of connections places a real estate agent in a perfect situation to prevail with their undertakings. It is a crucial ability that a real estate agent needs to have.

They ought to have excellent critical thinking aptitudes – these real estate agents must be outstanding regarding giving arrangements on how best to showcase the estates.

They ought to be straightforward – an incredible real estate agent will consistently maintain respectability and follow an exact set of official rules and morals. It makes decent notoriety for your commitment and places you in an extraordinary situation to win more customers.

They ought to have magnificent relational abilities – it is indispensable to have legitimate relational skills.

Information on Rollout Awnings in Australia

Australia faces unusual climate patterns that can incorporate overwhelming rainfalls or snow. In this manner, if vehicles are left presented to scan for unfriendly conditions, they may wind up being harmed. In order to solve this, rollout awnings were concocted. They are just structures intended to give spread to a vehicle against precipitation. They are typical in Australia because they are economically accessible and can be set up in almost no time.

Benefits of Rollout Awnings

Modest and moderate– perhaps the most grounded purpose of having a rollout awning is because it is cheaper than some other kind of vehicle storeroom. You can have the spot worked in a matter of around not many hours with the accessible materials.

Adaptability – They are effectively customisable to depict the overall perspective. They can be shaded to coordinate the shading and viewpoint of the home encompassing.

It offers assurance to the vehicle – It appears to be a shabby structure according to many, yet it assists with ensuring the car underneath against day off overwhelming precipitation. It Keeps the vehicle sheltered and perfect, than if left in an open spot.

Increases the value of a home – Having a rollout awning around your home will assist with boosting the sticker price to your estate when you are very nearly selling it. It will likewise help with drawing in more potential purchasers because of the viewpoint.

Concealment – unlike using the garage for vehicles, it can likewise be utilised to give conceal. Individuals can put their seats underneath a rollout awning and appreciate the shade with cold breeze air blowing around.

What to consider before making a rollout awning?

AS a decent planner, you should likewise put a few contemplations while structuring your rollout awnings. The way that it is a straightforward structure doesn’t infer that it very well may be raised anyplace or in any case. Here are somewhere in the range of scarcely any elements to beware of:

Area – You should set up an appropriate territory on your structure where you will fabricate the rollout awnings. It ought not to cause strife with the previously existing structures.

Amass all the fundamental apparatuses – you must check and ensure that all the licenses are available to help in building up a rollout awning. Some tools are more scarce to find than others. In case you opt to buy, they become expensive.

Get the structure license – any structure needs to adjust to the prerequisites set out by the neighbourhood authority, and a rollout awning isn’t uncommon. You should liaise with the specialists and get the essential licenses for building a rollout awning. This will assist you with avoiding being on an inappropriate side of the law and conceivably dealing with indictments.

Rollout awnings are indeed a great way of protecting the vehicle against the harmful weather conditions that could result in costly repairs. They should be designed in places where vehicles can safely park and leave without experiencing any form of damages from the surrounding.

If you have a rollout awning around your home, then be sure that the value of your home is way up beyond your imagination. People will give you a good amount of money, and that should be as a result of the rollout awnings.

If you decide to employ the skills of a rollout awning building expert, it will help you to solve a lot of resources. Contact Dolomite Awnings for speedy assistance.

Furniture removalists- tips for moving large furniture

If you are about to relocate you may have already wondered if you would be able to move your own furniture. While it is essential that you get help from removalists, handling things on your own is possible too.

Tips from furniture removalists

The following are a few tips from furniture removalists to help you move large pieces of furniture without a great deal of hassle:

  • Make sure that you are getting help when you are about to move your furniture. This is essential because it not only helps you protect your furniture but protect yourself as well. You can get a bit of help from friends or family. Getting help can make things simpler and move along faster as well. If you plan to do everything on your own it would not only be time consuming but would be bad for your back as well. If you can’t think of anyone who would be able to help you it is better that you call in a professional moving company. They not only help you move the furniture without any difficulty and also handle the whole moving process in a thoroughly professional manner.
  • It is also necessary for you to plot the trip. This would help you figure out any difficult Pathways which need to be avoided. You should know how and where you are going to unload your things so that you can pack your items accordingly.
  • If possible, before you are about to make the move you should ensure that you protect the doorways and remove the molding if necessary. This would help create the extra space so that you can manoeuvre the furniture with east and also avoid the damage to the door.
  • You can also make use of furniture sliders which can protect the hardwood and also the carpet floors. This can help make the moving process much easier and in fact you should let this remain until the move has been thoroughly completed.
  • Make sure that you use the L method to get the larger pieces of furniture through the door this is done by turning object on its side and then backing the long and through the doorway and then rotating it to bring the other and through.
  • Invest in personal protective equipment like heavy duty gloves to keep your fingers and hands safe from getting cut during the moving process.
  • Find a Dolly to move the heavy or different size objects. These come in handy when you want to move objects like washing machines or dryers. These can be easily rented from any moving company.
  • You should also make sure that you are carrying the furniture the right way. The best method of lifting furniture is through your legs and not by your back you should always bend your knees and not your waist when carrying large furniture. If it is possible you might even try to dismantle the furniture so that it is not too heavy to carry.

Looking for a trustworthy company to move your stuff around Australia? Contact Richards Gold Coast Removalists.

How to choose Trustworthy New House Builders

In today’s setting, trusting people or industries is tough. Building a new home comes with trust issues especially when you’ve never worked with new house builders.

Hiring trustworthy new house builders to build your dream home is stressful. Especially when you are thinking of working with the new house builders for 6 months or more from start to finish.

However, learning more about local new house builders ensures a seamless home construction experience that is completed within the set timeframe.

Knowing what you want is the first step

Setting up expectations from a new house builder is the first step to consider. This includes determining your priorities and non-negotiable expectations for your new home.

The things to think to help you determine what you want and need include:

  • Your willingness to compromise on the layout or size of your new home
  • The flexibility or firmness of your budget
  • The expected or flexibility of your timeframe
  • The choice between overall cost and quality of building materials
  • The chosen area

Setting expectations with your homebuilder during and after home construction include:

  • Times you need updates from the new home builder
  • The expected warranties
  • Your overall control over the appliances and home details if the home construction is not custom-built

Starting the search

The search for a new home homebuilder usually starts by asking recommendations from family members and friends. It is recommended to augment your search by assembling the names of local builders.

Going online to begin assembling a list of local home builders should not be confined to names provided by Google. Take it one step further by checking out the website of the Home Builders Association of your local area.

Knowing real estate agents is a big plus. They usually have inside information about local homebuilders.

Set up appointments with your shortlisted names

It’s time to start vetting out your shortlisted names by setting up personal appointments with them. Some of the things you may have to establish during the interview include:

  • Their preferred areas for building homes
  • Their preferred subcontractors
  • Their timeframe for home projects like yours
  • Their experience
  • Their insurance coverage
  • Additional charges related to home development
  • Their floor plan flexibility if using their designs
  • Would the build cost include landscaping
  • Their preferred times for communicating with you
  • Their willingness to provide references from past or current clients

Take time to speak with their references

Investigating one home constructed by a new home builder is a must. This is the best way to determine the feel of the completed home construction. Taking time to talk to the references provided by the homebuilder is another important task to do to determine if he is the ONE.

Some of the things to find out during the talk with a homebuilder’s references include:

  • The accuracy of the builder’s estimates
  • The open handling of finances
  • Timeframe and budget set expectations met
  • Their experience with the homebuilder and subcontractors

The bottom line

One of life’s big investments is the construction of a new home. This makes it imperative to hire only the best home builder that has your back. A home fitting your plans, lifestyle, and budget is likely to happen when you have a trusted homebuilder in your corner. Newstart Homes are our builders of choice. Contact them for more details.

A buying guide for purchasing rollout caravan awnings

Awnings allow you some extra space while you are out camping in your caravans. The right kind of awnings can completely alter your camping experience. Roll out Caravan awnings are quite convenient and can be used whenever required. Another benefit of roll out Caravan awnings is that these are pretty easy to set up and do not require a great deal of work.

You have to make sure that you purchase awnings which are compatible with your Caravan. When buying rollout Caravan awnings do consider the following tips:

  • The measurement of rollout awnings is done in feet. An awning which is 12 and a half feet is considered to be about twelve feet only. A good idea is to take the measurement on the arms of the Caravan instead of actually measuring the awning only.
  • Do take precise measurements to ensure that you are not an inch or two short of the actual size that you require.
  • Another thing to consider is the additional accessories which would come along with the awnings. Buying an awning is more than just determining its size. It requires a lot of other details as well. Consider the rope tracks which are sewn into the awning. These should be sturdy so that awning stays in place.
  • Always consider buying roll out awning which are good quality. While saving a few $100 might seem like a smart move at that time it would only cause you a loss in the future. Quality morning goes a long way. To make sure that you choose an awning which is simple to use but also provides a good value for money.

You will not be buying a roll out awning every now and then. It is better to invest in one which is study and is made from the right kind of fabric. Selecting of fabric for the roll out awning 2 consider the following factors:

  • Awning fabrics come in a variety of shapes sizes and material. Choosing of fabric food involves more than just taking a look at your budget. Using the right kind of material would ensure the longevity of the awning.
  • Some of the most commonly used fabrics are vinyl, acrylic, polyester and other composite materials.
  • Vinyl and polyester composite fabrics are durable and these are also waterproof. Benefit is that the material is light and flexible. It offers versatility and flexibility in one package only.
  • Acrylic fabrics more durable than the Cotton fabric. The owning design from acrylic fabrics have an aesthetic element. Definitely water repelling but not completely waterproof. These awnings are great to be used in humid areas because this can help avoid the mild and of a protection from the ultraviolet light.
  • On the other hand there are some people who might choose metal awnings. Please provide the highest durability this may require a great deal of maintenance because of the rust which might settle in.

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Essential tips for homeowners wishing to install stone wall cladding

When you want to add a protective layer to the framework of your home, consider cladding as the best option for this case. This is because cladding adds the layer you need to protect your house’s framework. Cladding can either be used indoors or even in the exteriors of your home.

There are so many materials that you can use when you are cladding your house. Some of them include stone, timber, metal, polystyrene, and brick. All these materials can be perfect for your wall. In case you select stone claddings for your walls, you have to ensure that your installation is perfect. This is because the stone wall cladding you use to protect your walls is not necessary if it is not installed rightly. All that matters is the way that you install them. The following tips can be beneficial to the homeowners who wish to install stone wall cladding.

Ensure that your order is refined

During the stone wall cladding installation, you have to ensure that everything is running smoothly. For this reason, you are expected to ensure that your order is refined. When you confirm the stone that you will be ordering, ensure that you purchase more stones than you need.  This is because, during installation or transportation, the stone can break, and hence if you order the exact number, you will not have enough for your walls.  With a refined order, your project can run smoothly, and therefore it will take a shorter time to make the wall beautiful.

Hire the right people

During the stone wall cladding installation, you may think that you can do the installation on your own, but it is very difficult for you. Some experts are trained and experienced in stone wall cladding installation. Ensure that you hire these people so that you can get your services from professionals. With professionals, you will get results that are very impressive and appealing.

Ensure that you have a strong foundation

One of the essential factors to consider when you are installing stone wall cladding is the foundation that you have built.  The foundation that you are building is meant to ensure that the wall in your home has been supported. For this reason, the foundation must be strong and solid.

Prep work on the surface is key

Although you are adding another wall to the existing wall, there is prep work that must be done. The prep work is meant to ensure that the surface has no contamination. This is why most of the prep work will involve cleaning the existing surfaces.  In case there are waxes, paints, or oils on the surface, you have to ensure that you remove them so that the stone wall cladding can adhere to that surface.

Stone laying is also important before installation begins

Once you have your stones with you, ensure that you lay them out before you begin with your installation. Most of the people do not lay out their stone cladding, but it is essential. The main importance of laying out stone cladding before installing them on your wall is to ensure that you arrange the stones in different categories. The fact that the stones are of different sizes, textures, and colour makes it necessary for you to have them arranged.

You must always ensure that you do all the things mentioned above so that your stone wall cladding installation can be perfect. Once you finish installing your stone wall cladding, you should clean the surface to protect your stone wall cladding.

Gas Fitters In The Gold Coast

What Does A Gas Fitter Do?

In many homes, gas is a common appliance, used for various purposes. If you’re one of such people, you require the services of a professional gas fitter. To guarantee the safety of consumers, gas-related services must be carried out by an authorised contractor. It is illegal to have an amateur and untrained individual handle gas-related tasks because it’s unsafe and risky.

Here are some interesting facts you should know about the roles of a gas fitter:

Simply put, a gas fitter is someone who carries out the servicing and fixtures of natural gas appliances. This includes gas systems/appliance installation and lots more. These gas fitters often work in commercial, residential areas and industrial ones too.

Take an instance where a new building is erected; the services of a gas fitter is required to install the heating system. Likewise, the owner of a residential building will require such services, especially if he needs assistance when installing gas-run appliances.

Repair of gas-run appliances and systems are tasked peculiarly to gas fitters. They perform them often. A comprehensive list of jobs that fits a gas fitters qualification include:

  • Installation of gas pipes
  • Testing pipes used for gas fixtures
  • Reading and interpretation of drawings, specifications, and plans
  • Marking and measurement of installation points for gas equipment
  • Installation of LPG systems in caravans and boats
  • Installation of equipment and appliances that use gas
  • Installation of pipes (flues) for gas systems
  • Installation of gas regulatory systems and detection
  • Consumer education
  • Complete maintenance of gas appliances

Categories of Appliances Gas fitters repair

Type A appliances

These include ovens, cookers, grills, pizza ovens, water heaters, barbecues, central heaters, stovetops, catering and leisure equipment.   

Type B appliances

Type B appliances range from large industrial and commercial appliances that need special certification. 


Boilers include the following: steam boilers, gas boilers, hot water boilers, hydronic heating boilers, condensing boilers, convection boilers and wood-fired boilers.


Heating includes gas heating, hydronic heating, boiler heating systems, burners and furnaces.

Steam appliances

Steam appliances include steam servicing and maintenance, heat recovery system generators, steam boilers, commercial steam generators and industrial steamers.

Hot water

Hot water includes water tanks, hot gas water, water boilers, low-pressure hot water systems and water tanks.

Choosing a Gas Fitter

Now you know what a gas fitter does. You may still be confused about the process of selecting a gas fitter that can handle your tasks. Choosing gas fitters in the Gold Coast follows the same procedure as other parts of the country. If you live in and around the Gold Coast, hiring a gas fitter would not be an issue when you follow our recommendations.

Authorisation and qualification are essential aspects of the selection of gas fitters. Ensure the individual is well licensed and trained in this aspect. Don’t hesitate or feel awkward asking for this document. This is the only way to ascertain you are selecting the right person for the job.

In addition to licensing and training, make enquiries to know if your gas fitter also offers emergency services. These kinds of services are beneficial and invaluable. Emergencies like split pipes and leaking gas can occur without prior notice and will require a gas fitter.

Always remember that hiring qualified gas fitters is a decision that should not be compromised, no matter the situation. As the saying goes, “Better safe than sorry.”

Home Health Benefits of Carpet Cleaners Hervey Bay

The popularity of carpets is the aesthetic value it provides to any room in the home. Homeowners in Hervey Bay have seen the improved appearance and longevity of their carpets when they are professionally cleaned by carpet cleaners, Hervey Bay.

However, it’s not only the spiffy look of the carpet that should compel homeowners to have it professionally cleaned. Enhancing your health and the family is the valuable benefit provided by a squeaky-clean carpet.

Home Health Benefits of Carpet Cleaners

Health conditions affecting the breathing of household members make it crucial for carpets to be vacuumed at least three times per week. Having the carpet professionally cleaned once or twice a year creates a healthier environment for you and your loved ones.

The health benefits provided by having carpets regularly cleaned by professional cleaners include:

Trapped pollutants are eliminated by carpet cleaning

A host of indoor air pollutants are harboured by a dirty carpet. Thus includes everyday dust and dirt, pet dander, lead, cockroach allergens, and particle pollution. These particles are likely to attract toxic airborne gases, trapping them in the fibres of the carpet.

Walking through the carpet and vacuuming can release these toxic gases and contaminate the air of the home. The specialised shampoo formulas used by professional carpet cleaners target and kill off these harmful bacteria. The high-powered vacuums used by carpet cleaners effectively remove any deeply trapped pollutants, thereby making the carpet fit to live with.

Dust mite infestations are cleared out by carpet cleaning

Dust mites are microscopic creatures that can be found in many homes. Many homeowners are not aware of the existence of these creatures that leaves their body fragments and feaces around a home. They may not be allergens but inhaling them can aggravate allergies.

Steam cleanings is a technique used by many professional carpet cleaners to get rid of dust mite infestations. Dust mites cannot survive high temperatures, making the steam cleaning technique work effectively in terminating their presence.

Mould growth is prevented by carpet cleaning

Mould growth is encouraged by dirty carpets that are exposed to areas with high humidity levels. Moisture is often inadvertently tracked into the fibres of carpets during rainy weather. That moisture can deeply entrench into the carpet when it is not vacuumed and dried immediately.

Mildew and mould growth are avoided when the carpet of the home is regularly cleaned by professional carpet cleaners. The presence of deeply-seated moisture is annihilated by the high-powered drying tools used by professional carpet cleaners. Mould growth in the carpet is prevented from ever happening with the elimination of moisture.

Mould growth can cause serious medical problems. Preventing them from making your carpet their home is by having it regularly cleaned once or twice a year by professional carpet cleaners.

Enhanced airflow

Strangely, the airflow in your home can be impeded by a dirty carpet. Airflow in the home can become compromised when the carpet is clogged full of debris, dust, and dirt. Stuffy and unpleasant air in a home is a sure sign that the carpet needs a clean-up job from professional carpet cleaners, pronto.

Installing carpets in the home can be quite expensive. This naturally follows that taking care of them to make them last for a long time is the best ROI practice. For end of lease carpet cleaning, choose the experts.

The causes of blocked drains

Keeping your home clean is one of the things that you should strive to achieve. This means that you should make sure that you have cleaned the interior as well as the exterior of your home. Most of the people will do this, but they will forget to check on their drains if they are okay or not. You will hear most people complaining that they have blocked drains, which are very dangerous to your health. When you have blocked drains, you will feel an awful smell coming from these drains. You need to find out the leading causes of the blocked drains so that you can know how to prevent the pipes from blocking.

The following are the primary cause of the blocked drains:

1. Fat and grease

One of the most common causes of blocked drains is fat and grease.  The fat and grease are also one of the things that you can easily prevent from coming into contact with your drains.  The fatty substances on the utensils that you are washing on your sink will stick on the pipes, and hence with time, they will cause a blockage. To avoid this, you must make sure that you are selecting the right liquids for washing the sink so that they can remove any fatty substances that have stuck on the drains.

2. Hair

At times this may seem to be a lesser reason that is causing the drains to block. However, hair is also another major cause of the blocked drains. Some people will shave from the bathrooms and then will flush the hair later. Hair does not dissolve in water. With time, it will be challenging for water to pass through the pipes. The more you flush the hair, the more drainage becomes a problem, and the more the hair forms more massive balls that clog the pipes. This makes your drains to block.

3. Baby wipes

One good thing with baby wipes so that they are disposable. They can be used in cleaning different things. When you flush these baby wipes down your toilet, the baby wipes will stick together, forming huge balls.  Baby wipes may clog faster than hair, and when they are clogged, your drains will block very easily.

4. Remains of food

When you have remains of food, it is advisable to make sure that you have disposed of the food remains in the pit. Some people will pour this food in the sink when they are washing the utensils. Since not all food will pass through the pipe, there are food remains that will clog. Since most of the food is porous, when water is running from the tap through your sink, they will soak up.  This makes this food remain to expand while they are on the pipes. As a result, you will experience the problem of blocked drains.

5. Toiletries

The foreign objects that are well known for blocking your drains are tissue papers and baby items like pampers.  Most of the toiletries like toilet papers are meant to be flushed, but you should mind the number of toiletries that you are cleaning.  The pads and baby items like wipes and nappies, on the other hand, should never be flushed. When you flush such things, you will not escape having blocked drains.

6. Soap

The small pieces of soap that you leave behind when you are bathing can also lead to blocked drains.  When you get used to leaving small pieces of bar soaps in the bathroom or flush them, they end up clogging in the pipes, and therefore your drains will block.

Commercial Architects Sydney

Commercial architects make designs and requirements for commercial buildings like offices, factories, shopping malls, retail stores, hotels, sporting facilities, as well as rail and air terminals. Commercial architects don’t handle homes with single occupants; residential architects handle this responsibility.

Sydney is a renowned city with a harmonious mixture of traditional, historic architecture and modern styles relating to times after the war. Architects in Sydney can confidently say they made meaningful contributions to the diversity in its landscape.

From the Sydney Sandstone to the tall skyscrapers that erupted after the ancient structures were brought done in the 1950s, the city saw a new dawn. This happened because height bans imposed as a result of World War II were removed. Sydney today is the abode to Australia’s highest skyline, made up of 146 skyscrapers beyond 90 metres, created by top architectural firms in Sydney.

The modernity in this high-cost skyline is euphoric in value, with sustainability being a common feature among these features. Without a doubt, architects in Sydney have made significant contributions to the cityscape. The design is provocative, undaunting, daring, organic, practical, innovative contemporary and sustainable. Architecture in Sydney in the nearest future will create designs that will attract any architect to the city.


The requirements for commercial architects include acquiring a bachelor’s degree in architecture from a university or college with accreditation from the National Architectural Accrediting Board. This program takes about five years and focuses on topics like structural systems, building designs, construction materials and computer-aided designs (CAD), according to the Education portal.

Graduates must further complete an internship program for three years to get practical training before sitting for the Architect Registration Examination. Note that only candidates who scale through the seven sections of the examination are eligible to get a state license.

Client Liaison

Before undertaking a project, architects meet with clients to discuss requirements for the job. Architects help to design proposals and present to the client, usually in the form of a sketch. These initial proposals may have site reports or feasibility studies previously conducted.

As progress is made, the architect keeps communicating with the client, giving plans, schedules, budgets and specifications in detail. They provide progress reports for the client and fix meetings to resolve problems that may have occurred during design or construction.

Design Coordination

Commercial architects may do design development in detail by themselves or coordinate workers on a design team to do it. They make detailed drawings and scale models if need be. They also monitor and supervise the design input specialists make like electrical and plumbing engineers, structural engineers, lighting and interior designers, and ventilating engineers.

They see to it that the various design elements follow building, health, safety and fire regulations. Architects use these approved designs to create specifications and contract documents in detail. This forms the basis for collecting estimates from contractors.

Project Management

Architects also advise the clients on the choice of contractors, as well as negotiate terms for the contract. In the construction phase, commercial architects supervise and direct contractors and subcontractors alike, ensuring quality standards are followed.

They establish schedules, monitor progress and handle contracts to ensure completion of the project on time and within the budget.

Commercial architects in Sydney are well skilled to handle your building and construction needs as they possess a track record of excellence. You will be guaranteed a great deal!

Selecting the best modern garden edging to make in your outdoor spaces

One of the things that you can consider doing when you are free is building a modern garden edging in your compound. The contemporary garden edging makes your outdoor space look very significant and impressive, and hence it is worth using to add the aesthetic value of your home. When you have a complete modern garden edging, it is challenging to count on all the struggle that you went through to make your modern garden edging look excellent and excellent. When you are interested in having a modern garden edging, there are several things that you need to think about before you begin setting up the modern garden edging. The following are some of the things to put in mind before setting up your stylish garden edging.

The style of your modern garden edging

One of the essential things to think about is the style that you want your modern garden edging to have. This is because the modern garden edging is of different styles.  The style that you choose for your modern garden edging will reflect so much about your home. This is why you must make sure that you think and make a firm decision about the style of the modern garden edging that you are setting up.  The styles that you select therefore must match with the style of your home, including your outdoor furniture, colour choices and planting themes that you have in mind.

The purpose of the modern garden edging

There are so many reasons as to why you could be setting up these modern garden edgings in your compound. One of the reasons is to define your spaces while others can use the modern garden edging to identify the pathways. When you decide to make modern garden edging, you must decide on the role that you want these modern gardens edging to play. This is because the different modern garden edging that you can make determined by the purpose they are meant to represent.

The type of material to use

 There is a different material that you can use when you are making your modern garden edging. You have to research the types of materials that will work correctly for you and those that are easy to get. Some of the materials that are used include rocks, plastic, wire, aluminium, stones, bamboo, steel, blocks and pavers. All these materials are perfect for your modern garden edging, but you must find out the material that will meet your modern garden edging needs. Know the advantages and disadvantages of using all these types of the material before you select the materials that you will use in your modern garden edging.

The longevity of the modern garden edging

The length of time that you want your modern garden edging to last is another thing that you need to put in mind. This is because the modern garden edging that you set up can last as long as you want. Some people will want to keep on changing the style of their modern garden edging, and hence they do not need to construct a modern garden edging that will last for a very long time.  The length of time that you intend to have your modern garden edging will slow deuterium, in the material that you will use. This is because there are materials like wood that are not long-lasting, while others like stones are long-lasting.

Amount of space available

The modern garden edging styles that you select will be determined by the space that you have.  The amount of space that you have may also determine the type of materials and the size of the modern garden edging that you can have. This is why this is also another thing to think about.

If you still don’t know what to do but want to take the DIY route, look into modern garden edging ideas on the Internet. There are plenty of tutorials and photos that you can draw inspiration from especially on Pinterest and YouTube.

5 Must-Have Gardening Tools

Gardening is a great hobby. Ploughing your favorite seeds, watching a tiny bud grow out of the dirty brown mud and into a fully grown plant. Picking out flowers that are blooming with the fresh sunlight falling upon them and nourishing fruits that are bright and swollen with fresh vibrancy. You know the deal if you have a hobby of having your own little garden by the house. However, it is not always easy taking care of these plants for there are many different factors that could affect their growth and attire. If you are a beginner at this newfound hobby, then you must have these 5 tools for garden care sydney.

Hand rake

A hand rake is an essential tool for planting. It helps in removing old stones, pebbles and anything unwanted that might have made its home in the soil. It can also assist in removing the topsoil so that a fresh batch of mud can be acquainted with the plants. A mini rake that is easy to handle, made up of either aluminum or stainless steel would help you more as it would prevent rusting.

Hand trowel

A hand trowel is a mini shovel that you must have if you have opted for gardening as your newfound hobby. These trowels will help you in planting as they can dig further into the soil than a hand rake. They can also remove the unwanted weeds that grow out unexpectedly amongst the clutter of your collection of plants. Find a trowel that has a good grip and can be handled with ease.

Gardening gloves

People like to play risky but planting trees and fruits in your garden can often come accompanied with thorns and tiny splinters that may not even be visible with your naked eye. Wear a pair of comfortable gloves to avoid any such sudden incident from occurring.


The key to gardening is to prevent the plants from making a mess. You do not want to step into a garden that resembles a forest that you have stumbled upon and is at a battle of poking of branches and leaves with you. Shears will help you keep your garden organized by assisting you in cutting shrubs and branches into fine designed plants that appear appealing.


Another important tool in gardening is a simple shovel. This handy tool will help you dig away unwanted weeds and help dig in important planting factors. You can easily put in fertilizer, compost, pesticides and other gardening components with ease as they help carry out much soil from one place to another. You can easily dig a large hole with these handy companions and plant as many tiny seeds as you like.

From intermediary to property finder, the new face of the real estate agent

With the European Law 2018, just approved, the profession of real estate agent changes Salvatore Coddetta, presents his handbook for the new professionals “Real estate acquisition and sales strategies” to idealista / news.

Salvatore coddetta

Salvatore Coddetta – Acquisition and sale strategies for real estate

How does the profession of real estate agent change?

The European Law 2018 opens up new possibilities for the real estate agent profession. How is the profession evolving in light of the changes of recent years? idealista / news asked Salvatore Coddetta, author of the manual “Real estate acquisition and sales strategies”, now in its third edition.

“The trade has changed especially from the technological point of view,” states Coddetta. – Ten years ago we didn’t have Facebook or social networks were in the beginning, they weren’t as important as today. At present, however, social media is everything , and we also have real estate portals on which to publish our ads with a very different visibility. Ten years ago at most it was published in the Porta Portese magazine ”.

How has the way in which real estate agents communicate changed?

“Today the promotion is no longer just about the apartment for sale, but first of all personal branding , – observes Coddetta. – The new real estate agents are no longer the only repositories of information: for those the web is enough, which conveys endless and all free. Instead, the skills and personal abilities of the agent count , which is no longer just a mere intermediary, but a real consultant who must devote himself to solving problems and achieving the goals that revolve around buying a house ” .

So how does the real estate agent of our day work?

“The job has changed: what has not changed is the need to create and maintain relationships with people, Coddetta answers. – The real estate agent had to evolve so as not to become extinct so he had to focus a lot on training , to understand how to adapt to these changes, and above all he had to learn to network, to collaborate. Today the collaboration networks between agencies are much more widespread than before, also because, if with the advent of the web a certain type of real estate, such as tourism, moves above all online, for the residential sale the agency on the territory remains important. Therefore also the capillarity and the interconnection becomes more and more relevant “.

What can we find in the third edition of his book?

“The first edition dates back to 2008 – tells Coddetta, – the result of my experience as a real estate agent, followed, as a specialization, to my original profession as a trainer, which I still carry on. The second edition followed in 2010 when the real estate market underwent post-crisis changes. Today, after nine years, the third edition is updated further. The manual covers every aspect of the profession: from planning to techniques for acquiring assignments , from finding owners to working with buyers and negotiating acceptance of the offer. In this edition there is also a chapter on business development and the new agent mentality “.

Proptech: the real estate agent becomes “hybrid” with new technologies

The real estate agent transforms in a digital sense, following the phenomenon of proptech. Here are the results of the RockAgent survey.
According to a survey by the RockAgent Proptech Trends 2019 survey, a survey carried out on over 500 Italian real estate agents, a new relationship has emerged with innovative technologies and models that are changing the real estate, which is changing the profession. In summary, 37% of agents estimate a turnover drop of more than 50% over the next 5 years if innovative approaches and tools are not adopted in the practice of the profession.

The main technological trends that are sweeping the sector – hybrid agencies (online), blockchain, virtual reality, real estate valuation algorithms and AI – are seen as opportunities to keep up with the changing needs of those who buy and sell homes. Among the few who feel threatened by the digitalization of the sector, the cluster of mature agents (45-54 years ) weighs more , so the acquisition of new skills and modus operandi is probably a more difficult step to face.

“Although the professional’s competence is irreplaceable, without an innovative approach to real estate and the adoption of technological tools, the agents have realized that they will find themselves losing a substantial part of their turnover, ” said Daniel Debash, founder of RockAgent . “Currently the mediator is burdened by too many commitments – from the search for opportunities in the area, to the creation of photos and marketing plan, to the negotiation with buyers and relative bureaucracy.

Through the centralization of processes and technologyyou can finally count on specialized teams that relieve agents between the parties, which make the role of the agent irreplaceable. This is why the skills required will be increasingly vertical and the real estate consultant will gain renewed importance. In RockAgent we have identified a great opportunity and we work alongside the agents in this digital transformation path, with the aim of recruiting at least 500 in the next 5 years “.

Digital real estate: threat or opportunity?
The use of technological tools to support work saves time in manual and repetitive tasks, facilitates remote working and improves customer relations, thanks to innovative services more in line with the current needs of those who buy and sell homes. More than half of the agents are aware of this (51.6%), so the non-use of these tools could affect between 30% and 50% in terms of turnover decline . Among the interviewees, it is precisely those with the most experience (over 10 years) who confirm these estimates: over half of them (55%) fear that their turnover could be halved in the next 5 years, and almost 40% place the possible contraction between 30 and 50%. A value that could weigh for some hundreds of millions of euros on a market that today realizes about 3 billion euros a year in commissions.
“Hybrid” real estate agencies: a winning model

At a time when the internet is trying to disintermediate , the hybrid agency model is emerging in a disruptive way all over the world. This model is defined as a “hybrid” model, even though it operates online , (without the help of expensive windows on the street), it does not abandon the figure of the real estate agent in the area , rather it enhances it with the latest tools to better support the customer. In addition, the use of technology allows the agency to offer top-level services for a fixed rate for those who want to sell their home and a percentage commission for the buyer, competitive with the market.

For the majority of agents (56%), this new model – launched in Italy by RockAgent – will help revive the figure of the real estate agent . The cluster of young adults (35-44 years old) thinks so, with over 2 exponents out of 3 agreeing on this aspect. About 1 out of 3 agents (31.3%) realize that it will be a necessary evolution to remain competitive .

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