From intermediary to property finder, the new face of the real estate agent

With the European Law 2018, just approved, the profession of real estate agent changes Salvatore Coddetta, presents his handbook for the new professionals “Real estate acquisition and sales strategies” to idealista / news.

Salvatore coddetta

Salvatore Coddetta – Acquisition and sale strategies for real estate

How does the profession of real estate agent change?

The European Law 2018 opens up new possibilities for the real estate agent profession. How is the profession evolving in light of the changes of recent years? idealista / news asked Salvatore Coddetta, author of the manual “Real estate acquisition and sales strategies”, now in its third edition.

“The trade has changed especially from the technological point of view,” states Coddetta. – Ten years ago we didn’t have Facebook or social networks were in the beginning, they weren’t as important as today. At present, however, social media is everything , and we also have real estate portals on which to publish our ads with a very different visibility. Ten years ago at most it was published in the Porta Portese magazine ”.

How has the way in which real estate agents communicate changed?

“Today the promotion is no longer just about the apartment for sale, but first of all personal branding , – observes Coddetta. – The new real estate agents are no longer the only repositories of information: for those the web is enough, which conveys endless and all free. Instead, the skills and personal abilities of the agent count , which is no longer just a mere intermediary, but a real consultant who must devote himself to solving problems and achieving the goals that revolve around buying a house ” .

So how does the real estate agent of our day work?

“The job has changed: what has not changed is the need to create and maintain relationships with people, Coddetta answers. – The real estate agent had to evolve so as not to become extinct so he had to focus a lot on training , to understand how to adapt to these changes, and above all he had to learn to network, to collaborate. Today the collaboration networks between agencies are much more widespread than before, also because, if with the advent of the web a certain type of real estate, such as tourism, moves above all online, for the residential sale the agency on the territory remains important. Therefore also the capillarity and the interconnection becomes more and more relevant “.

What can we find in the third edition of his book?

“The first edition dates back to 2008 – tells Coddetta, – the result of my experience as a real estate agent, followed, as a specialization, to my original profession as a trainer, which I still carry on. The second edition followed in 2010 when the real estate market underwent post-crisis changes. Today, after nine years, the third edition is updated further. The manual covers every aspect of the profession: from planning to techniques for acquiring assignments , from finding owners to working with buyers and negotiating acceptance of the offer. In this edition there is also a chapter on business development and the new agent mentality “.

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