Essential tips for homeowners wishing to install stone wall cladding

When you want to add a protective layer to the framework of your home, consider cladding as the best option for this case. This is because cladding adds the layer you need to protect your house’s framework. Cladding can either be used indoors or even in the exteriors of your home.

There are so many materials that you can use when you are cladding your house. Some of them include stone, timber, metal, polystyrene, and brick. All these materials can be perfect for your wall. In case you select stone claddings for your walls, you have to ensure that your installation is perfect. This is because the stone wall cladding you use to protect your walls is not necessary if it is not installed rightly. All that matters is the way that you install them. The following tips can be beneficial to the homeowners who wish to install stone wall cladding.

Ensure that your order is refined

During the stone wall cladding installation, you have to ensure that everything is running smoothly. For this reason, you are expected to ensure that your order is refined. When you confirm the stone that you will be ordering, ensure that you purchase more stones than you need.  This is because, during installation or transportation, the stone can break, and hence if you order the exact number, you will not have enough for your walls.  With a refined order, your project can run smoothly, and therefore it will take a shorter time to make the wall beautiful.

Hire the right people

During the stone wall cladding installation, you may think that you can do the installation on your own, but it is very difficult for you. Some experts are trained and experienced in stone wall cladding installation. Ensure that you hire these people so that you can get your services from professionals. With professionals, you will get results that are very impressive and appealing.

Ensure that you have a strong foundation

One of the essential factors to consider when you are installing stone wall cladding is the foundation that you have built.  The foundation that you are building is meant to ensure that the wall in your home has been supported. For this reason, the foundation must be strong and solid.

Prep work on the surface is key

Although you are adding another wall to the existing wall, there is prep work that must be done. The prep work is meant to ensure that the surface has no contamination. This is why most of the prep work will involve cleaning the existing surfaces.  In case there are waxes, paints, or oils on the surface, you have to ensure that you remove them so that the stone wall cladding can adhere to that surface.

Stone laying is also important before installation begins

Once you have your stones with you, ensure that you lay them out before you begin with your installation. Most of the people do not lay out their stone cladding, but it is essential. The main importance of laying out stone cladding before installing them on your wall is to ensure that you arrange the stones in different categories. The fact that the stones are of different sizes, textures, and colour makes it necessary for you to have them arranged.

You must always ensure that you do all the things mentioned above so that your stone wall cladding installation can be perfect. Once you finish installing your stone wall cladding, you should clean the surface to protect your stone wall cladding.

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