Creating environmentally sustainable homes

Green living promote sustainability and well-being by providing sustainable solutions in homes. If you are concerned about the nations ambition of achieving net zero emissions by 2050, it is natural that you are looking to design a home which has the least carbon footprint. Building a home like this requires new home builders in Brisbane who are experienced in designing  green homes.

Green living is not only good for the environment but is also beneficial for homeowners in the form of substantial cost savings.

Making smart choices and embracing technology will allow you to contribute towards this collective effort.

How can new home builders in Brisbane help you?

Designing an energy efficient home is all about maximizing the output from every unit of energy used. Changes as simple as switching to modern LED bulbs can reduce energy consumption.  Proper insulation can keep homes at the comfortable temperature during extreme weather condition and will reduce the need of constant heating and cooling. Houses can significantly cut their utility bills by using the right energy efficient measures.

 The following are some of the most effective ways to enhance energy efficiency in your home.

  •  Using energy efficient upgrades wisely. Although you might have to spend a few thousand dollars but it can lead to annual saving  and the investment pays off itself within a few years.
  • You can start by upgrading to households equipment with a four-star rating. Purchase modern electric appliances to significantly reduce energy consumption.
  •  About 20 to 50% of energy consumption is attributed to heating and cooling appliances. On the other hand if you adopt more energy efficient alternatives you can minimize the cooling and the heating load.
  •  You can take a free digital self-assessment with Home Efficiency Australia. This assessment will help you understand the current energy performance and identify areas for improvement.
  • Talk to your builder about an energy efficient home design, they will suggest you a number of floor plans. For example they will suggest optimizing the orientation of your home to take advantage of solar energy to minimize direct sunlight in the summer and maximize sunlight in winter. You can allow your living space to face south so that you can enjoy the benefits of natural light during the day. your bedrooms can face north because you do not want natural light in those spaces.
  • Choosing the right exterior materials for the roofing can also impact the temperature of your home. For better efficiency think about a cool roof. A cool roof lasts longer because it is not subjected to extreme temperatures when compared to regular roofs.
  • Consider air sealing and ventilation system.  All the external windows, doors and pipes in the home, are caulked and sealed to prevent the air from escaping. This can improve the efficiency of the home.
  •  Use insulation in the form of concrete and energy efficient bricks for walls to create a well-insulated space.

Green building not only makes your house more energy efficient but also saves you money on your electric bill every month. Find Brisbane’s leading new home builders help build green homes. Make sure you talk to them about your dream home.

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