5 Must-Have Gardening Tools

Gardening is a great hobby. Ploughing your favorite seeds, watching a tiny bud grow out of the dirty brown mud and into a fully grown plant. Picking out flowers that are blooming with the fresh sunlight falling upon them and nourishing fruits that are bright and swollen with fresh vibrancy. You know the deal if you have a hobby of having your own little garden by the house. However, it is not always easy taking care of these plants for there are many different factors that could affect their growth and attire. If you are a beginner at this newfound hobby, then you must have these 5 tools for garden care sydney.

Hand rake

A hand rake is an essential tool for planting. It helps in removing old stones, pebbles and anything unwanted that might have made its home in the soil. It can also assist in removing the topsoil so that a fresh batch of mud can be acquainted with the plants. A mini rake that is easy to handle, made up of either aluminum or stainless steel would help you more as it would prevent rusting.

Hand trowel

A hand trowel is a mini shovel that you must have if you have opted for gardening as your newfound hobby. These trowels will help you in planting as they can dig further into the soil than a hand rake. They can also remove the unwanted weeds that grow out unexpectedly amongst the clutter of your collection of plants. Find a trowel that has a good grip and can be handled with ease.

Gardening gloves

People like to play risky but planting trees and fruits in your garden can often come accompanied with thorns and tiny splinters that may not even be visible with your naked eye. Wear a pair of comfortable gloves to avoid any such sudden incident from occurring.


The key to gardening is to prevent the plants from making a mess. You do not want to step into a garden that resembles a forest that you have stumbled upon and is at a battle of poking of branches and leaves with you. Shears will help you keep your garden organized by assisting you in cutting shrubs and branches into fine designed plants that appear appealing.


Another important tool in gardening is a simple shovel. This handy tool will help you dig away unwanted weeds and help dig in important planting factors. You can easily put in fertilizer, compost, pesticides and other gardening components with ease as they help carry out much soil from one place to another. You can easily dig a large hole with these handy companions and plant as many tiny seeds as you like.

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